Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The First Stop

Upon choosing this first restaurant, I stopped at my favorite boutique for a dress. Being a fashionista, I must look stylish wherever I go, especially an upscale restaurant. The first stop brought style activist and I to Doylestown, PA.

Upon arriving at this restaurant, we were lucky to even get in without a reservation. While we waited, we visited the Wine Bar across the street, which offered a quaint environment with a great selection of wines from all around the world. After choosing nothing but a Riesling, there was much anticipation for the meal we were about to take pleasure in. As you walk in to Honey, it is quaint and serene. The service is beyond personable and makes the whole experience that much more exciting. The choice of cocktails is like nothing you've ever seen! Try the cucumber gimlet or the shiso fine! Each offer a refreshing, not too sweet taste unlike any cocktail you are familiar with.

The menu offers a selection of inventive, creative, and succulent dishes, in which choosing only a few can be quite difficult. It is a small plates restaurant so you are encouraged to order 3 or 4 dishes to share. Each dish that is brought out is sure to excited your palette. In almost every dish there is a sweet, salty, crunchy, and tangy aspect of the dish. The flavors separately would just be simple, but when melded together it is like your palette cannot even understand the joy you are putting it word to describe it...foodgasm!

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