Friday, September 17, 2010


For the past year I have been doing the workout program called P90X. It is a part of the BeachBody series. As a result I dropped 4 pant sizes and 30 pounds!! I have learned how to eat better and also how to cook healthier. However, I got bored with it and am ready to go to the next level.

Therefore, I ordered Insanity!! I have been doing the workouts for 3 weeks now, and I have to say Insanity is the only word for it. It has definitely taken my fitness to the next level. However, due to some traveling and eating out (which has lead to some bad food choices :/ ) I have decided to start over. I am not only going to do the workouts, but also make sure I am keeping a close eye on what I am eating, being especially careful to not only meet the caloric intake requirements as well as maintain a diet within tier 1 and 2 of the elite nutritional guide.

Wish me luck as I start my 60 day challenge on Monday!

I am learning more about this whole blog thing, so hopefully I will have pictures for you and posts each day about my Insanity challenge.

"Bring it"

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