Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sweet Dreams

For the past few weeks, all I think about is cupcakes. I have been spending my days (and nights) brainstorming ideas for cupcake flavors, great wines to pair them with, how to decorate them, baking and testing recipes, etc. Since I cannot sleep right now because I have a million things running through my head (and perhaps my 3 hour nap I took earlier today), I figured I would share a little of what's running through my head!

Happy Halloween, everyone!
Even Diva's need cupcakes too :) 
Don't forget the champagne to enjoy your cupcake with.

Sweet Dreams, foodies!

The Fashionista Foodie

1 comment:

Style Activist said...

Pretty much craving the LV cupcake with a glass of champers! Mmmm, and I too have your sleeplessness disorder!

Love you Meg! Keep up the great posts :)

style activist