Sunday, January 9, 2011

"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter"

 It is a common saying that "everything tastes better with butter". I am here to prove that butter isn't always better. It is easier to refuse cooking with butter when you have alternatives that leave you believing that the recipe is dripping in butter.

Fortunately, the beauty of cooking is that the options are only limited to your creativity! Being successful in changing your lifestyle to healthy eating is learning how to replace the richness and flavor that butter gives to dishes. This is my list of five alternative foods to butter without sacrificing flavor.

1. Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
The benefits that EVOO offers far exceeds that of butter. It is full of omega-3 fats that your body is unable to produce on its own. The majority of the fats that people consume are omega-6. Many people are lacking in the Omega-3's, which are the heart healthy fats. While it is important to remember that this too must be used in moderation, it is one of the healthiest fats to use in your cooking. It packs a fruity punch. Open a bottle one day and smell the delicious, fruity notes that it gives off! Use it to whip up a quick vinaigrette for your salads and in an endless amount of ways.

2. Caramelized Onions
Now use that EVOO, turn your burner on low and slowly saute the onions until they are "melt in your mouth delicious". I often refer to caramelized onions as candy. I don't mean to brown the onions quicly. Caramelizing onions takes a little bit of patience and time. The heat needs to be on low because this allows for the natural sugars to slowly develop in the onions. This process takes the sharpness out of the onion and turns it into this velvety, sweet, creamy, and buttery flavor and texture.

Add these to a flatbread, soup, mushrooms and many other dishes. Trust me, you will not miss butter with these additions to your meal!

3. Goat Cheese
If you have never had goat cheese, now is the time! It is creamy and tangy, but also low in fats. It is one of the healthier cheese options out there! (of course, remember moderation is key!) Spread goat cheese on crackers, crostini, or crumble it atop a salad to experience pure decadence. It is sharp and makes your taste buds dance!

4. Roasted Garlic
Like caramelized onions, cooking garlic slowly brings out their natural sugars and removes the sharpness of flavor in it. Roasting garlic provides a dreamy experience to any dish. Use it to add to soups or spread on to grilled bread! When using this method, you can never add too much garlic. And guess will not need butter!! The options are endless to how you can use this!

5. Drunken Noodles
This may be a stretch for you, but if you have never eaten Thai drunken noodles then you should go find a Thai restaurant and experience this foodgasm! The noodles just melt in your mouth. Unfortunately I do not have a recipe for you guys for this. I never make it and leave it to the experts to cook this for me. However, my suggestion to you is to go get some and try it right away! These babies make eating fun and guiltless!!!

There you have it! Foods that you can devour without sacrificing flavor! After all, who wants to eat "diet" food for the rest of their life? Not me and you don't have to either!! And remember, there are foods that are better without butter!


Meghan Rae


Erika of Style Activist said...

OMG I love this. And we thought this up at about 3am. Haha, keep the blog posts coming ;)


girl from florida said...

I am obsessed with everything on your list (especially goat cheese and garlic), except the drunken noodles. I need to add these into my cooking repertoire!